Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's talk about languages !

Hi ! So today I'm going to talk about languages. What is your favorite language? Wich one would you like to learn ? 
I'm a belgian and a french-speaker, I'm now studying hard to talk russian to become translator or interpret, it is so class and beautiful ! (like french :o) ) To me french and russian are the coolest languages !

What about you ?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some good French Rap !

I posted you russian rap, minimal dubstep and a remix of GTA theme. Here is one of my favorite french rap song, the instrumental is ill, the voices are amazing and the lyrics are so  beautiful (it's about how crazy and shitty this world can be). A must hear ! Even if you do not understand, try to open yourself.

Love It !
And the outro is perfect !

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a big GTA fan.

As the title says it, I'm a big GTA fan and IV is by far my favorite ! I miss it so much... So I decided to post a nice remix of the GTA IV theme "Soviet Connection", I find it pretty well made. It's still a little dark as you start to know me hehe ...

I started my GTA frenesy with the first on PSOne, the second also on PSOne, III on my cousin's PS2. I bought VC, SA and IV the day they came out and skip school if there was! To me the release of a GTA is like a religion day.

This series, when III cames out, never stops to innove the gaming experience. They we're copied a lot of time but never equaled or being near to equal. Mafia II was supposed to be the GTA IV killer but it's just a deception to me but Mafia the first was a memorable game!

I can't wait for the first informations on GTA V.I wonder if R* will remake everything like from III to IV or be like an other game but on the same engine (graphics, physics,...) like III to Vice City. I think it will be the second option but they put so much effort in the making of the engine for IV that they probably will reuse it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our day will come / Notre jour viendra

So I was looking for a movie and I felt on that, with Vincent Cassel, it CAN'T be bad. I watch it 3 times in 2 weeks, it's so good ! There is a lot of questions in my mind about the story but, anyway it's excellent !

Sorry, it is in french but you should be able to find the movie with subtitles, I highly recommand it to you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afriqa - Recoil ( Minimal Dubstep)

I want to show you this little unknow gem I found recently, I love this and do not take drugs.

I'd like to know your opinion. Still a little dark like I love and quite. ^^

A little about me...

I love dark things, dark music, polar/thriller movies,... etc But you can't tell by watching at me or even knowing me, I'm a normal guy and I'm open, I'm not an metal-guy or an "emo". I think quite dark music is class. But I listen to everything if it is good, movie/games OST, little rock, pop, dance, electro but a lot of hip-hop. Especially russian rap and a little french rap because now french rap is going like american and it sucks!

Here's a good dark song I enjoy, I'll post more. (btw it's free/independant so enjoy)

I love listenning to this in my car ! Tell me what you think about it.